Claw – Symmetrical & Asymmetrical.

Additional mechanical protection

Project Description

Mechanical protection is a simple yet highly effective measure for providing either independent security or an enhancement to an electronic loss prevention system.

Our product range is extensive.

You will find the best solution for your business — from obvious visual deterrents to unbreakable, high-tech security solutions.

This Claw is specifically designed for our new product line.

Claw - merchandising securtiy - mechanical protection

Asymmetrical Claw Features

  • Completely New Design for Easy Family and Smart Base
  • Universal Solution for Tablets and Phones
  • Adjust Only the Axis
  • One Type for All Devices

Symmetrical Claw Features

  • Great update for your existing gear regardless the manufacturer
  • Single Axis Solution
  • Suitable Claw for All Smartphones or Different Claw for Tablets and Phablets
  • Compatible with Other Manufacturers’ Sensor

  • Claw (3)

  • Claw (4)

  • Claw (5)

  • Claw (2)

  • Claw (1)

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Claw Asymmetrical

 Claw Symmetrical

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