Peak 4Way.

Market proven solution

Project Description

Peak4Way is a sophisticated solution to secure and power up smartphones and tablets a newly developed product stand in a sleek, contemporary design. In addition to its new powering capabilities, the Peak contains a strong, high-security, braided, metal-core retractor cable that allows for even higher mechanical security and durability.

Only the smart-looking Peak stand is visible on the top of the display surface, thereby guaranteeing that the stand does not divert attention from the product.

The Peak is ideal for single-product protection because it operates either with a battery (battery operation allows for a minimum of 2-years usage) or a PSU. Powering merchandise is available through our 4W charging method, which powers up the unit in 4 different display positions.

We recommend this model

  • If you need a stylish presentation of your handheld products such as mobile phones and smart phones by hiding the technical units from view.
  • If you wish to display just one product on your display table as optional battery operation is available.

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