Riser 4Way.

Low profile flat product

Project Description

An elegant electronic article surveillance system for your handheld merchandise.

Riser 4Way delivers power along with perfectly presenting today’s modern power hungry smart phones, tablets and e-readers on walls and inclined surfaces.

If wall mounted this becomes an almost invisible product presentation system.

The advanced electronics make this unit interactive media capable as well as delivering stunning visual merchandising effects with customisable LED back lighting.

Our smart charging cables can also be changed without the need to swap out the entire sensor.

  • Riser4Way Retail-Security

  • Riser4Way Retail-Security

  • Riser4Way Retail-Security

We recommend this model

  • if you do not wish or not able to remodel your store furniture that is already built in.
  • if you need only a few new positions for you display products.
  • if you would like to use spiral cable to reduce your costs.
  • if you need “invisible” security gadgets on your wall mounted display presentation.

Download the product sheet in PDF format here

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