Twilight Family.

Project Description

With its trendy modern look the Tw ilight is crafted to complement the highest standard of store design requirements.

Constructed using a pre mium grade German made transparent Plexiglass body and stylish stainless steel base the Twilight also features discrete LED illumination that can be selected to compliment in store lighting effects.

With built in smart technology, engineered to filter out disruptive external electronic interference the Twilight provides security,good looks and outstanding detection performance. The Twilight is the perfect solution for retailers who want a top looking design without sacrificing that all important detection performance.

Key features

  • Crafted from German made Plexiglass
  • Self-tuning capability testing eliminating outside electrical interferences.
  • 4 LED colour illumination variations.
  • TX/RX or TRX digital pulse listening system.
  • 8.2 MHz based system


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